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As an all volunteer team, we offer K9 searches on land and water. We maintain national certifications on all teams deployed.  We respond to legitimate law enforcement requests for assistance in locating the lost in all environments, offering live trailing and area search teams as well as human remains detection on land and water.  We also respond to cold case requests.

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Crossroads K9 SAR at a Glance

A Bit of Background

Here at Crossroads K9 SAR, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our members come from different walks in life. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our team members and the communities we serve.

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A Bit About Us

Our Mission

We are an all-volunteer group with a multi-focused mission. Foremost, we assist law enforcement in locating lost persons with specially trained tracking/trailing, area search and human remains detection K9 teams. We participate in education of all ages, utilizing NASAR Hug-a-Tree program. Demonstrations of working dogs can be arranged for group education.

With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with these challenges. Searches are something that we take very seriously, and our team is working each and every day to make a positive impact.

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What We Do

Making A Difference

Types of Searches

Live searches should be requested as soon as possible to allow teams to arrive in a timely fashion. We would rather be on our way and find that the missing person has been located than to be needed and not be there. 

Land cadaver search can generally be under a more controlled setting and time. 

Dogs can assist divers in narrowing the search area when a drowning has occurred.

We are available to assist in cold case work.



Team training every weekend.  

Individual training daily.

Train often, train hard, work hard, 


Interested in training with us? Use our contact information.

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Active Members

Committed to the Cause

Home: Meet the Team

Georgia Baker

Georgia is a founding member of Crossroads K9 SAR. She works as an Orthopedic Spine Nurse Practitioner in the Shreveport area. Past history includes 15+ years of race horse training and 15+ years of working SAR dogs. Current working dogs include two Belgian Malinois (Roux and Duck) and a border collie (Gumbo). Crossroads K-9 SAR team was a vision she shared with others and serves as an avenue to give back to her community. This is a passion that she feels blessed to be a part of.

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Julia Head

Julia has been owning and training Bouvier des Flandres since 1995. Early experiences included training in Schutzhund.  She shifted her focus to SAR work several years ago.  She is currently working Cyrano, certified in Land and Water HRD, Dakota, certified in Land HRD, and Huck, certified in Land HRD.


Charla McLeod

Charla’s K9 Partner is Tonto, a Dutch Shepherd/Belgian Malinois cross.  Charla is an office manager for TCP Specialists, LLC, an oil field service company. In her free time, she volunteers with various disaster relief groups and is currently working towards her EMT certification in an effort to become more effective in the field.  Charla got her start working with dogs in her youth assisting in training hounds for hunting and then later working as an assistant for a veterinarian clinic. She has also taught basic obedience and behaviors. She came to volunteer with Cross Roads K9 SAR after meeting other team members while volunteering on a missing persons search. At the time, Charla was volunteering as an individual and looking for a skilled and professional team to join. Cross Roads K9 SAR was an excellent fit.


Perry Nelson

Perry is a founding member of Crossroads K9 SAR. He is an offshore EMT paramedic, but has always served as a volunteer for local fire and sheriff's departments wherever he lived! Past experience includes sheriff's office tactical medic, Fire Chief, Rescue Chief and training officer for multiple organizations.
He has been involved in search and rescue since 2002 when he started training, Jake, his first    K-9 partner. 
Through the course of his career as a K-9 handler and instructor, he has  been called on several searches for missing children, hunters and Alzheimer's patients. As an INBTI instructor he has taught at several SAR  and Law Enforcement organizations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Cross Roads K9 2018.jpg

Suzan Nelson

Suzan is a founding member of Crossroads K9 SAR.
Bio to be submitted


Robyn Taliaferro

Robyn is a founding member of Crossroads.  Robyn is a special education teacher at a local high school.  She has been involved in search and rescue for 10 plus years.   Robyn is also a reserve deputy for LaSalle Parish Sheriff's Office.  Robyn started her career in search and rescue with Isabelle, an Australian Cattledog and Abby, a German Shepherd that worked with Lackland Airforce Base.  Currently Robyn's search and rescue partners are Gretchen, an English Springer Spaniel and Tessa, a Dutch Shepherd. Robyn enjoys search and rescue for the opportunity is gives her to give back to the community.


Caleb Landers

Caleb's K9 partner is Anslee, a Belgian Malinois he trained in human remains detection. Caleb works full time as a Security Officer. He has been involved with working dogs his entire life and began training them professionally in 2005. His main focus is on training scent detection and bitework for sport and personal protection. When his father was killed by a drunk driver in 2012, his community surrounded him with love and support. He felt the need to give back to his community, which led him to Search and Rescue. Caleb has been a member of his local county team for 5 years and a K9 handler for that team for 4 years.


We work hard to get information to those who would be interested. A well informed community is an empowered one as well, so take a look at some of the links below.  Crossroads K9 SAR.

Types of K-9 Searches


Please click below to link to a printable leaflet with a brief history of search dogs and their current roles.

How Law Enforcement can best use a civilian K-9 team as a resource

FP How a volunteer search team can be a resource edited.jpg

This document is intended to highlight the benefits of using volunteer K-9 Search and Rescue in a law enforcement setting.

AAFS Standards Board (ASB)

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.04.14 PM.png

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) has submitted the attached document published in November, 2017 by the AAFS Standards Board (ASB). This document is published with the intent to standardize the terms and definitions describing the use of dogs and sensors in the Forensic Sciences.  Please see website for more information:

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Contact Crossroads K9 SAR

P. O. Box 5602
Shreveport, La. 71135

318-458-2936, 813-217-3331

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